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Volunteer Standards

It’s no secret that volunteers help to build stronger, more resilient communities. Volunteers bring with them a wide range of experience from different backgrounds, unique skills and personalities which, coupled with the support and direction of an organisation can have a greater impact.


Volunteering allows people to develop skills, gain experience for potential new employment, or a way to contribute their existing skills in new ways. Working with volunteers in you organisation is a two-way relationship, providing an opportunity for you to better achieve your goals and for volunteers to contribute meaningfully to their community.


Below are volunteer standards to help your organisation move forward with a volunteering program, informing you of how to adapt within your organisation, so that volunteers feel safe and supported within clearly defined roles, allowing them to grow, enhance their experience and know that they are a valued part of your organisation.


These standards are based on the Australian National Standards for Volunteer Involvement and we have used these because they are clear, succinct and developed in consultation with the volunteering sector, to support the involvement of volunteers and act as a resource for organisations in which volunteers are involved.


Each standard includes examples of best practice from organisations in Bath & NE Somerset.

Leadership and Management

Leadership & management.jpg

Commitment to volunteer involvement is set out through vision, planning and resourcing, supporting the organisation’s strategic direction.

Commitment to Volunteer Involvement 

commitment to volunteer involvement.png

Effective volunteer involvement results from a system of good practice, review and continuous improvement.

Volunteer Roles

Volunteer Roles.png

Volunteers are engaged in meaningful roles which contribute to the organisation’s purpose, goals and objectives.

Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment + Selection.png

Volunteer recruitment and selection strategies are planned, consistent and meet the needs of the organisation and volunteers.

Support & Development

Support + Development.png

Volunteers understand their roles and gain the knowledge, skills and feedback needed to safely and

effectively carryout their duties.

Workplace Safety & Wellbeing

workplace safety & wellbeing.png

The health, safety and wellbeing of volunteers is protected in the workplace.

Volunteer Recognition

volunteer recognition.png

Volunteer contribution, value and impact is understood, appreciated and acknowledged.

Quality Management & Improvement

quality management & improvement.png

Effective volunteer involvement results from a system of good practice, review and continuous improvement.

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