Virtual Hope Guide

This new version of the guide has been created specifically to help people through Covid-19. Here you will find information for groups and services in B&NES, who have adapted to continue their fantastic work in the community, along with new groups and projects which have started in direct response to the situation.

By no means will we have captured every service, however its online nature means that we can make regular updates. So, if you work with, or know of a group or service still offering support to adults in B&NES, please email with the details.

Updates will be made fortnightly, so come back regularly to see more of how B&NES is coming together through Covid-19.


The Virtual Hope Guide  provides information on groups, activities and services run by volunteers and not for profit organisations.


These groups are aimed at people who are socially isolated, are affected by mental health issues, substance misuse or homelessness.

 The Guide includes:

  •  First response community support

  •  Health and wellbeing group/activities

  •  Organisations supporting people in B&NES

  •  Free volunteer training

  •  Local and national helplines

Other Covid-19 Wellbeing Resources

We now have a new resources, dedicated to helping maintain your wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak. Each resource fits within one of the five ways to wellbeing, proven actions that can help people find balance, build resilience and boost mental health and wellbeing. 

Also includes:

How to access on line Safeguarding training for volunteers 

Staff Wellbeing and Covid-19 guidance

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