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Wellbeing Packs

When the Coronavirus lock down began, several 3rd sector organisations came together to see how we could help people find what resources were available. The 'Building Bridges to Wellbeing' team started by putting together an online booklet, helping people with internet access to find and access the variety of online resources available, trying to encourage people to look at this challenging situation as an opportunity to try something new and find things that they could do at home to help them manage and keep them occupied.


It was apparent though, that many people would not have access to the internet and they potentially could become very isolated. They too would benefit from being able to access wellbeing and positivity activities and be made aware of the support that is available.

Wellbeing packs were created for people in B&NES who cannot access online resources, each pack contains a variety of activities including crafts, word searches, quizzes, gentle exercises and even planting seeds, with gentle encouragement to engage, to help improve wellbeing and, we hope, give people something to look forward to.

Packs are now available for people to download in the hope that they will be both a useful and enjoyable resource.

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