The Charter




The aim of the Charter is to inform those who work with people with mental health issues about the key areas which support wellbeing. We worked with over 100 people who received support for their mental health, to create the Charter. The Charter is supported by mental health commissioners locally, which means the needs of service users can be better met in future.


The idea of the Charter was introduced and led by Caroline Mellers, who initially was a St Mungos and New Hope volunteer. Caroline has a personal and professional background in mental health, having used a crisis, and inpatient services. She was employed by the District Health Board in Auckland, New Zealand as a service user and evaluator and now works for a number of local organisations in B&NES.


The Charter is in 2 parts :

Charter Development Worker

Caroline has a personal and professional background in mental health. Caroline sees the importance of integrating the views of clients in mental health services.


She recently won an award for her work creating a Mental Health & Wellbeing Charter, which sets out the priorities of mental health users in Bath & North East Somerset. 


Caroline can’t talk highly enough about support she’s had from New Hope in her work.


She loves comedy, especially Miranda, and dreams of maybe seeing the Northern Lights from a husky sled one day.

In Memory of Andrea Morland

(Senior Commissioning Manager, Mental Health, B&NES)

“It’s not about competing it’s about working together, to serve people in the best way possible… not silos of organisations but a group of people with solid working relationships that give people the support they need”.

New Hope exists thanks to St Mungo’s ‘Bridges to Wellbeing’ scheme, which provides funding and support for New Hope and its volunteers. ‘Bridges to Wellbeing’ aims to empower people affected by mental health issues, so they can get involved improving services they use.

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