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Volunteer Support

We don’t like to boast but the support and training that St Mungo's offers to New Hope volunteers is really something special.


We know New Hope volunteers have unique skills and talents that can be used to improve mental health services in future. We also know each volunteer has individual circumstances that affect when, where and how they volunteer, not least because of a mental health condition they have.


For that reason, New Hope offers individually tailored support and training, allowing volunteers to


  • Unlock their power as champions for mental health

  • Get best results from volunteering

  • Maintain a healthy balance between volunteering, work and personal lives


Starting as a volunteer for mental health

We regularly have volunteer roles available with New Hope. To find out more you can visit the volunteer opportunities and peer mentoring pages. You can also speak with our Involvement Coordinator Paul who can inform you more. Just email When you start to volunteer with New Hope you'll;


  • Get a copy of your Volunteering Pack, which tells you everything you need to know about New Hope volunteering

  • Work out your volunteer goals and any skills and preferences you have for volunteering

  • Map out your volunteer goals and what needs to be done to make them happen


Volunteer support and development

Throughout your time as a New Hope volunteer, we’ll offer regular support to keep your volunteering happy and on track. All your volunteer goals, needs and achievements are recorded in your personal volunteer record, so you can see your volunteer development over time. We’ll also help identify any support or training that you’d like in order to develop your volunteer skills.


Volunteer achievements

We love to help New Hope volunteers expand their horizons, whether volunteering at New Hope or getting involved in other ways. One of our volunteers wanted admin experience she could use in future mental health-related work. So, at New Hope, she helped research and publish our wonderful Hope Guide. Now she’s in a full-time job that builds on her volunteer experience with us.

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What Works for Volunteer and Peer led groups

The Toolkit - This is still in draft form that we are seeking feedback from before we launch early next year - The Toolkit

The What Works for Per Led groups research project - The Report

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