Volunteer Projects

We're so glad you’re reading this. Because we know you’ve got the power to create better mental health services in Bath & North East Somerset for the future. And with each volunteering opportunity, there’s the chance to develop your personal skills, feel the satisfaction of volunteering and meet with like-minded people.


Whether you’re an individual who’s got a mental health condition, a carer, or simply a volunteer who wants to make a difference, New Hope offers support, guidance and information to make your volunteering rewarding and manageable. And of course, just contact us if you’ve got your own idea for a project you’d like to start.

Current Opportunities

HOPESPACE Café is looking for another facilitator to join the group. The role is primarily to help with the facilitation of the HOPESPACE Tuesday evening Social Café, where they meet for refreshments, conversation, board games and art and also in the promotion of the service to help it grow and flourish.


For more information or to visit the group please contact Paul Rimmer at Paul.Rimmer@MUNGOS.ORG or call: 07522 945518

Fun Division is a monthly event based around fun activities and learning, with an aim to reduce social isolation and anxiety. 


It's been a while since the last event but will soon be back up and running, and with fresh input from new volunteers it will be better than ever. We're hoping to create a little community of fun lovers, maybe you can help it grow?


We're looking for volunteers who can help with the organisation of the event and then be there for the event itself, helping people to get involved!

Contact Paul for even more info



Or Ralph at Ralph.lillywhite@mungos.org

07825 115775

Volunteer For Fun Division