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Peer Mentoring

What is Peer Mentoring?

The Peer mentoring Project is a partnership between St Mungo’s and AWP, enabling people with experience of living with mental health challenges (either themselves or through supporting someone) to use that experience to support someone else in the community, to help them improve their wellbeing, confidence & self-esteem, use their time meaningfully and enjoyably and reducing feelings of isolation.

What do Peer Mentor’s get out of it?

  • Excellent training to ensure they are able to mentor safely & confidently, with the opportunity to complete an NOCN level 2 Peer Mentoring accredited qualification

  • A variety of other training available through the volunteer network, to enhance personal development

  • Supervision 1:1 and group coaching

  • Encouragement to complete a “Wellbeing Action Plan” to help mentors maintain their wellbeing whilst mentoring

  • Mentoring will also help build self-confidence, improve listening & communication skills, enhance leadership & team working skills and give a sense of purpose and fulfilment

  • Enhance work related skills to help build a CV where appropriate


To find out more


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Pearl's Story


Read about Pearl's Journey as a Peer Mentor to understand what goes on within the Peer Mentoring Programme, and the impact for both Mentees and Mentors. 

Like to know more about becoming a    Peer Mentor?

Meet the Peer Mentoring Coordinator to find out what is involved, what support mentors offer, the sort of personal strengths a mentor might have, what training and support is given and what the benefits are for both mentors and mentees.

Call now to book an appointment.


Claire Lawrence,

Peer Mentoring coordinator

Tel: 07736457670


I look forward to hearing from you.

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Study Examines Barriers to Peer Support

“Peer support is increasingly being adopted around the world, as an approach to transforming mental health towards a recovery orientation."  write the international team of researchers led by Dr. Nashwa Ibrahim and Dr. Dean Thompson.

A recent study examines the barriers and facilitating elements of peer support implementation for mental health read more

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