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Meet the Mentoring Team


The mentoring team consists of a range of individuals, from the ages of 18 - 70, each with their own experiences and different backgrounds. Here are a selection of self written personal profiles which help to match them with the right mentee.


Hi I’m Toby, I'm in my early 50's. I have been in Bath for the last few years, but have previously worked in London, The Midlands and across Northern England in the medical profession. A few years ago I suffered from increasing mental health problems. These combined with serious physical health problems (in one year I spent time on Intensive Care, The Critical Care and Coronary Care Units as well as more conventional wards) left me desperately depressed and very ill. I have received a great deal of support in dealing with these.

I have made a great deal of recovery from those dark days, and am enjoying doing practical activities with my hands and working with people. I enjoy music in many forms and play variously with people as well as listening to performances or recordings - this has been therapeutic in my own recovery. I have learned a lot, and I hope sharing my experience can be helpful, as others helped me.


Hi, I’m Nicky. I am originally from Bath but spent many years living in Saudi Arabia but returned to the City, which holds my heart.

I have struggled with mental health in varying degrees for a sizeable part of my adult life. Following a car crash in 2017 I realised I couldn’t beat this on my own and found help and support to manage it. I haven’t looked back, which is why I want to be a peer mentor and help other people regain their lives and independence. I think I’m friendly, approachable, empathetic and really look forward to meeting my mentee.


I have lived the last thirty years in bath and the surrounding area. I now find myself being in a position to give back as I have lived experience of homelessness, poor mental health and addictive behaviours. My key strengths are honesty, openness, reliability and resourcefulness, to the point where, if I don’t know an answer I will endeavour to find one. I am a believer in the 5 ways to wellbeing (be active, take notice, learn new skills, connection and giving). I practice mindfulness pursuits daily which I am happy to share, also I enjoy walks in the countryside to connect with nature. I am interested in sport and am currently playing pitch and put on a regular basis as well as having the local wellbeing health centre as part of my wellbeing structure.


I’m Dena. I was born in Manchester but brought up in Guernsey until my early twenties, when I moved to London to pursue a career in financial regulation. I then moved to Bath after having my children, now teenagers. I love the sea and find it very calming. I also love animals, especially horses and dogs. I have two spaniels who are both cheeky! The adoration they give makes up for it. I’m currently studying for more professional qualifications and am learning salsa, which I’m loving.

I developed acute anxiety after a stressful time in my 30’s (I’m now 48). I also suffered from an eating disorder throughout my twenties but now fully recovered. I have learned to manage my anxiety through CBT, mindfulness and hypnotherapy. Pilates, yoga and routine also help a lot, as does time spent with friends. I’m happy now and feel that I can truly get through anything as I already have been through real challenges in life. I feel strongly that anyone can suffer from mental health problems and that we can help each other with the right support and understanding. 


Hi, I’m Hen, I am in my 50’s and a mother of 2 grown up Sons. I have had bi-polar disorder since I was in my 30’s and have spent time in various hospitals. It has taken years but finally I manage my mental health really well now and lead a relatively good and normal life.

I am a friendly and sociable person and I am naturally nurturing and caring, have a good sense of humour and I am very good at listening. I enjoy oil painting, drawing and there are groups I get involved in. Every week there’s something to do, having structure to my week is how I like it.

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