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How We Work

New Hope is all about its volunteers, ordinary people working together to make a difference for mental health.


What we like

We help volunteers start and run their own projects that aim to improve mental health services locally. We also love to get involved in schemes started and run by other organisations.


Recently, for example, New Hope volunteer Caroline worked with B&NES Council to create a Mental Health & Wellbeing Charter setting out the priorities of people affected by mental health issues locally. The result: mental health organisations will know how to make better services in future. If you’ve used mental health services in B&NES and want to make a change, contact us.


Mental health partnerships

To get the change we want, we build partnerships with groups and organisations who share our goals. In particular, we work with KS2 Bath, a support group run by and for carers of people with mental health difficulties. The group offers support and access to information that are relevant to carers and also aims to improve their social opportunities, raising awareness of their needs with statutory mental health organisations.


Other partners include:

Funding and training

New Hope is fully funded and supported by St Mungo’s charity through its Bridges to Wellbeing Project. Thanks to St Mungo’s, New Hope volunteers get amazing opportunities for training and volunteer support , plus the chance to learn great skills working with mental health professionals on projects.

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