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St Mungo's 'Building Bridges to Wellbeing' team works innovatively and creatively with people who have a lived experience of mental health challenges, volunteers and other agencies to empower, inspire and promote independence and wellbeing. We support mental health and wellbeing pathways which enable the positive progression of clients and volunteers, within Bath & North East Somerset (BANES).  We do this by utilising:


Move On Support (from inpatient ward) - The Move on Worker enables people to positively move on from AWP’s acute mental health inpatient ward - Sycamore Ward, as soon as their mental health has stabilised. Their work reduces unnecessary time on the ward and the likelihood of an individual returning.

Peer Volunteering Service - providing and supporting:

  • Peer Volunteer Development - Facilitating and supporting services and groups to increase and improve Peer Volunteering opportunities.

  • Volunteer Training - Co-ordinating free training for volunteers, giving them the knowledge and confidence to successfully volunteer. We utilise the knowledge and skills of staff and peers, from a range of organisations and groups, to provide training. 

  • Volunteer Progression - Supporting organisations and groups to develop volunteer opportunities, enabling peer volunteers to progress. This progression could lead to education or employment.

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The latest Bridges to Wellbeing 'training update' is now available, with details of our upcoming free volunteer and staff training courses, including:

'What's Going On' Event

KS2 Bath carers group, working in collaboration with St Mungo’s, held their third ‘What’s Going On’ event on Wed 17th Nov 2021 at the Salvation Army, central Bath.

Event aim: To create an opportunity for anyone affected by mental health issues to talk directly with mental health service providers and commissioners to find out about and discuss what’s going on in the Bath and North East Somerset (BANES) area.

Prior to the event, KS2 Bath and St Mungo's listened to 91 local people, who shared their personal views, experiences and ideas on accessing mental health and wellbeing services in BANES.  The experiences of both service users and carers were captured via a survey (paper-based and online format) and 6 focus groups. This feedback was then used to inform the event and the themes for discussion.


Outcomes: To read more about what happened, the reflections and actions of service providers and the recommendations click the button below.

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Funded by Healthwatch BANES Community Pot. 

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Group Toolkit

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Peer Mentoring

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Hope Guide


Volunteer Training


Volunteer Resources

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