Building Bridges to Wellbeing

The St Mungo's 'Building Bridges to Wellbeing' team works innovatively and creatively with people who have a lived experience of mental health challenges, volunteers and other agencies to empower, inspire and promote independence and wellbeing. We support mental health and wellbeing pathways which enable the positive progression of clients and volunteers.  We do this by utilising:


Peer Mentoring - Enabling people who experience mental health challenges to access high quality peer support, from people with lived experience, especially at times of transition.  Mentees are helped to build their support networks and use their time meaningfully, improving their confidence & wellbeing while reducing feelings of anxiety, isolation and the chance of early relapse or deteriorating mental health.


Positive move on from inpatient ward – The Move on Worker enables people to positively move on from AWP’s mental health Sycamore inpatient Ward, as soon as their mental health has stabilised. Their work reduces unnecessary time on the ward and the likelihood of an individual returning.

A Peer Volunteering Service - providing and supporting:

  • Peer Volunteer Development - Facilitating and supporting services and groups to increase and improve Peer Volunteering opportunities.

  • Volunteer Training - Co-ordinating free training for volunteers, giving them the knowledge and confidence to successfully volunteer. We utilise the knowledge and skills of staff and peers, from a range of organisations and groups, to provide training. 

  • Volunteer Progression - Supporting organisations and groups to develop volunteer opportunities, enabling peer volunteers to progress. This progression could lead to education or employment.

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Bridges to Wellbeing Update - July 2021

The latest Bridges to Wellbeing update is now available, including the newly released Virtual Hope Guide - Spring/Summer 2021 along with information on our latest training courses, including 'Safeguarding', 'Boundaries', 'Introduction to Supporting People with Mental Health Needs' and 'Become a Confident Virtual Classroom Trainer'

Covid-19 Wellbeing Resources

We now have a new resources, dedicated to helping maintain your wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak. Each resource fits within one of the five ways to wellbeing, proven actions that can help people find balance, build resilience and boost mental health and wellbeing. 

Also includes:

How to access on line Safeguarding training for volunteers 

Staff Wellbeing and Covid-19 guidance


Virtual Hope Guide

This new version of the guide has been created specifically to help people through Covid-19, with info for groups and services in B&NES, who have adapted to continue their fantastic work in the community, along with new groups and projects. Last Updated 30-06-2021

Volunteer Training

Peer Mentoring

Use your experience of recovery to become a peer mentor and support others in the community.

Volunteer Resources

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Hope Guide


Helpful updates, news and more from partner organisations.

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